About Us

About Us

"TECSHAR TOOLS" is a registered proprietorship company established to manufacturing and dealing of Non Standard Solid carbide tools, Brazed Cutters, Brazed reamers, PCD Reamers, Collet Holders, Tool Holdersand all type of special tools. Re-sharpening Service of solid Carbide cutting tools and Carbide brazed Tools, PCD Tools, CBN Tools for Engineering Industries like Pump, Automobile, Textile, Tool and Die and Auto Component manufacturers. We TECSHAR TOOLS are committed to continuous enhancement of its value towards customers and employees by providing with the highest quality product at a very competitive price.. To achieve these objectives, we use latest technology and coating to produce high quality tools so our customers can achieve maximum productivity. The Company was founded in 2012, Located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, South India.

Mission and Vision

Our purpose is to satisfy and fulfill the needs of our customers and employees through product innovation, a pleasant work environment . We base our company's success on our long-standing commitment to satisfy our customer's need and providing excellent customer service. Become the leader and most preferred Non standard Carbide tools manufacturer, CNC Worn-out Inserts, Endmills, Drills, Reamers, Broaches, Gear Cutting Hobs re-sharpener that delivers high-quality products at competitive pricing lace wigs uk.

Quality Assurance

TECSHAR TOOLS is committed to a Total Quality Program throughout all phases of its operation. The existing program represents an ongoing effort by management and employees, to continually reduce the variability in all processes and produce the highest quality products. Reduced variability and process control result in cost savings for the customer, as well as, increased product reliability. TECSHAR TOOLS is 100% dedicated for making this quality program, and not a short term solution for potential problems, but a way of life within the company working environment. To that end, comprehensive Quality and Operating Manuals in detail and define all operational functions and critical processes have been drafted. Our State of the art equipment is designed to ensure consistency, Durablity and accuracy.




    No : 143, N.G.Ramasamy Street,
    Coimbatore - 641037

  • Phone +91 422 4357065,
    Mobile +91 8220277065

    Contact Us

  • Email: tecshartools@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.tecshar.in

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