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Reduce costs by sharpening your used carbide tools. At TECSHAR TOOLS, we understand that you want your reconditioned tools to perform equal to new tools and that is the level of quality we provide. We can sharpen all major brands of carbide tools. Tools are sharpened to OEM geometries, and edge preparations are applied. Then the tools are polished and PVD coated if is needed. Uncoated carbide tools should perform 100% of OEM performance. Coated carbide tools should perform 150% of OEM performance.Your tools will be sharpened on Latest CNC Machines.

EndMills / Step Endmills Drills/ Step Drills BallNose/ Bullnose Reamers/ Step Reamers
Brazed Tools Counter Sinks Counter Bores HOB inserts
Turning Inserts Milling Inserts PCD Inserts Broach cutter
Gear Hob cutters Port Cutters Holemill Form Tools
Lugged Tools Slitting Saw Cutter Side& Face Cutter Grooving Inserts
Threading Inserts CBN Inserts

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